Friday, April 10, 2009

Nanny's handy work & some personal items

A crocheted tablecloth. So beautiful.

Cross-stitched napkins.

This is a pail that Nanny used to carry her milk to school as a child.

These are wrought iron horse shaped candle holders that were Nanny's.
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nanny's 100th birthday celebration

The families got together at Liberty park to celebrate what would have been Nanny's 100th birthday.

We celebrated with 100 yellow and blue balloons (Sweden's colors) being let into the air. The little blonde in this picture is my Veronica who is now 24 years old.

Each family brought a birthday cake to celebrate....just imagine how wonderful it would have been for Nanny to have been there.
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I just love this picture

This picture was taken shortly after us Harshbargers moved from California back to Utah in 1971. Ruth, Doug, and the family were always there to help us adjust to the change. Don't know what we would have ever done without them. Our families were, and remain, very close. Left to right: Brad, Scott, Amy, Ruth, Haidee, and Lynda.
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Sibling love!

The love the Lundevalls had was apparent everytime they got together.

I believe this was taken at Pam's wedding in the 70s.

The Lundevall girls were widely know for their fantastic cooking and baking techniques! AND, of course, their senses of humor!

Amy and Ruth...the two creative gurus.

Christmas get together at Norma's place.
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Lundevall traditions live on through the years.

This picture is of one of many family reunions in Nanny's backyard. The Harshbargers from California were present at this one. We always tried to come visit yearly.

Lil, Amy, Ruth, Roger, Norma, and Edna.....continue the family reunion tradition.

Another reunion with most of the cousins and their spouses.
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40s and 50s pictures

This picture goes with the letter that Pam posted about Nanny's visit to California. The picture was taken at Long Beach CA.
Left to Right: Larry (young Amy's husband) Amy, Lil, Dick?, Steve, and Tom all enjoying the Southern California sun.

Larry and Amy 1950s. Check out his tie....I wish I had her dress now!

These are pictures of Larry and Amy on their honeymoon at Brighton, Utah 1941. A few months after they were married, Larry was shipped overseas. Amy found out she was having their first child, so she lived with Nanny and Grandpa for the two years that Larry was gone. She always tells of the loving and warm environment that her mom and dad provided while she lived there. They were such great parents! No wonder all the Lundevall children turned out to be so caring and kind hearted.

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Old Time Photos

Unsure of when this was taken and who is in it...any guesses? Love the picture though!........( Yes Haidee... The top middle tall man is our great uncle Einer Lignell, and the bottom lady on the right is his wife ( Amy's sister) Lily )

Swedish dancing...young Amy is the 2nd to the right...Edna is the tall one. I believe Lil is on the left.

Young Amy front and center

Nanny and Aunt Lillie
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Old Time Lundevall Photos cont...

These are two of the few pictures of young Amy

Berger and Amy in the middle....their parents on either side

Swedish dance performance...Lillian, Amy, and Edna are in the group.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is young Amy about 20 years old (1940). All the Lundevall girls were just beautiful!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amy's handwork

Here is a small handful of Amy's beautiful handwork. I do know that she was always busy, and never idle! I am sure I can find a few more items that were Mom's , That Amy ( Nanny) made. I am sure there are many more things out there.... Feel free to submit pictures of them. It would be fun to include them in her history. Even if Nanny did not make them , collectibles would also be interesting to have included.
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